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1602 A.D. IslandEditor

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Current Version:
Version 1.2 -- 30.12.2000
New: English Version of Guardian's Tutorial now on-line!

Deutsche Version

Create your own world of islands for the game 1602 A.D. with Sir Henry's 1602 A.D. Island Editor!

To use the Island Editor you need either the U.S. version of the game 1602 A.D., or the German Anno 1602 with the extension "Neue Inseln, neue Abenteuer", or the German "Königsedition". Various "Gold-Editions" should work with the editor as well. You will need the scenario editor shipped with those versions to load the created islands into a scenario.

The Island Editor is Freeware! It may be copied without any restriction, but it may not be sold except at own cost. Sir Henry is not in any way liable for any damage the program may cause, so be advised that you use it at your own risk.

The Island Editor version 1.2 is the result of a thorough test of the predecessor versions by German 1602 A.D. fans. It is real team work - amongst others these people have contributed:

Graphics: Pinguin
Manual: St.Gerner, Günter (M.E.I.E.M.)
Test and Consultancy: Linde, Gido und many others
Programming: Sir Henry

A most valuable introduction is provided by Guardian's Step by Step Tutorial for the Island Editor. It includes first steps to create own islands for beginners but also contains tips and tricks for advanced users.
Look here for browsing part 1.
Look here for browsing part 2.

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